Uptown Jack and His Adventures Into Beantown

Uptown Jack and His Adventures Into Beantown

Uptown Jack and His Adventures into Beantown

This classic fairy tale is told in a whole new way! When Jack is "too cool" to do his chores and help his mom, a trip into Beantown where he gets into trouble with an Auto Giant sets him straight and teaches him some valuable life lessons about respect and responsibility.

This edutainment show is best suited for pre-K through 4th grade, but can be enjoyed by the young and the young at heart!

This is Martin City, Jr's newest musical, available beginning March 2018.


Magical Tales of Mexico

This lively re-telling of a popular Mexican folktale delights all ages and teaches appreciation for other cultures. The story is told in English and then retold in Spanish. Audiences are encouraged to sing along and participate in BOTH languages.

This folktale has been shared through many generations and, we hope, will continue to be shared for many generations to come.

Senõrs and Senõritas, don't miss this unique new musical, crafted only as Martin City, Jr. can produce.

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