Top Bananas!

Top Bananas!

Travis Hensley as Dr. Jekyll
Top Bananas

Theatre is for everyone! We empower people with special needs, differently-abled individuals - everyone - to get on stage, and shine!

Through singing, dancing, and acting our actors-to-be learn about the theatre, the world, and themselves. We provide an enriching theatre experience, creating a showcase performance for family and friends.

That's what the Top Bananas! program is all about! Top Bananas was established to engage and empower the community of individuals with special needs in the live theatre. We have worked with local organizations including Lakemary Center, Life Centers of Kansas, Inclusion Connections, Special Olympics and area teens with special needs to produce showcases, melodramas, and vaudeville revues starring differently-abled actors.

In our new location, Martin City Melodrama will will not only be entertaining audiences for years to come, but we chose this building for so much  more. We plan to expand our offerings to include classes and workshops specially tailored to differently-abled actors.